Strategic Planet: A boutique Marketing Consultancy for SMEs. We are a high quality, one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs from the development of a marketing strategy to the day-to-day implementation of the marketing plan. Commission us to delivery one off projects or provide part time on going support.



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  • Netnography: Ethical And Legal Concerns.
    Netnography: Ethical And Legal Concerns.

    I am often asked to explain netnography in relation to its ethical and legal concerns, so I have written this article to...

  • Creating a Parallax Website on WordPress.
    Creating a Parallax Website on WordPress.

    This article will demonstrate how you can use the free version of WordPress to create a website in a parallax format. I...

  • There will be no peace
    There will be no peace

    As today is the eve of Armistice Day and this year marks the centenary of Battle of Passchendaele, where more than half...

  • Happy Halloween!
    Happy Halloween!

    This is just a short video animation to get you into the spirit of halloween. Have a good week and enjoy the treats, but...













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