How to Create an Augmented Reality Aura

How to create an Aura

Ever wondered how to create an augmented reality aura? An aura is the medium created by augmented reality platforms, it is a new way for marketers to get their messages across to their target markets. It will bring to life an object, article, image or even a landscape using video, sound or graphics. Advances in mobile communication has brought this technology closer to everyone.

There are a number of packages available on the market: Aurasma is the world’s leading augmented reality platform with over 20,000 partners operating in over 100 countries. This article will demonstrate how you can use their desktop application to create your own Aura.


Augmented Reality Step 1

1. Log onto and click on the Partners tab.

Augmented Reality Step 2

2. Click on the “Log onto the Aurasma studio”.

Augmented Reality Step 3

3. If you have not done so, create yourself a new account, otherwise log in.

Augmented Reality Step 4

4. This section demonstrates what you will need to do to create a new account.

Augmented Reality Step 5

5. You are now in the Aurasma studio. You can click on the appropriate icon on the right to get into the required section.

Click on “Trigger Image”, this is the image or object that you want your target audience to engage with (in terms of creating an Aura).

Augmented Reality Step  6

7. What you can now see is a list of Trigger Images that you will have for your account. On the desktop version you will need to have created a picture of the required Trigger Image, this can be as a JPEG or PNG.

Augmented Reality Step 7

8. Go to the top left hand corner of the Trigger Image window and click on “Add New”. Give the image a name (tip, be explicit and descriptive, when you are building a large portfolio you need to consider how you might need to find it again. Ignore the “Coordinates” element, this is only relevant if you are going to Geo‐Tag it. You can add a description of the image and do some basic editing if required. When you are done, you can save and close the window.

Augmented Reality Step 8

9. You will now see the image added to your list, note at this stage it has no Auras linked to it (see forth column). This helps you to manage your projects.

Augmented Reality Step 9

10. If you now click on the “Overlay” icon you will see all the video Auras you have prepare. You can now allocate one to the “Trigger Image” you have just created.

Augmented Reality Step 10

11. You can now find the video you want to use for your Aura. Note, on this platform you can upload a WMV formatted video, you cannot do this on an Ipad.

Augmented Reality Step 11

12. You can now see the list of videos that you have. Note, the fifth column will indicate if the video has been allocated to an Aura.

Augmented Reality Step 12

13. The other important element of the Aurasma platform is the Channel Tab: you can create multiple channels that can be used for different groups.

Augmented Reality Step 13

14. The Auras tab lists all the Auras you have. It is here where you can link the “Trigger Images” and “Overlays”.

Augmented Reality Step 14

15. Click on Add, then select the “Trigger Image”, “Overlay” and “Channel” that links together. You can adjust the overlay properties from here too.

Augmented Reality Step 15

16. Note the tab in the bottom left hand corner is another way to access the various sections of Aurasma.

If you want to see this in action please visit an earlier article I wrote: How to use Aurasma, the Augmented Reality Platform.



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