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Digital Marketing Degree

Strategic Planet and the University of Huddersfield have teamed up to design a brand new Digital Marketing Degree: BA(Hons) Digital and Social Media Marketing. Its primary aim is to maximise the employability opportunities for each student by giving him/her hands on experience of a range of key platforms and applications. The student also has the …

An Introduction To Relationship Marketing

When considering relationship marketing some have argued that its introduction has created a major paradigm shift in the marketing domain. Relationship marketing is defined as “the ongoing process of engaging in cooperative and collaborative activities with customers to create or enhance mutual economic value at reduced costs”. Or join my community:

Consumer Behaviour From A Marketing Perspective

This is part one in a series of articles looking at consumer behaviour from a marketing perspective. Consumer behaviour can be considered as the activities people undertake when obtaining, consuming and/or disposing of products and services. It is the understanding and anticipation of these activities that will help brands maximise their reach (and profits). Blythe …

Sales Promotions Online.

This article is designed to give the reader an insight into Sales Promotions Online. It builds on my previous article: An Insight Into Online Merchandising. The objective is to get you, the reader, to appreciate how the Internet can be used for sales promotional purposes. At the end of the article you should also have …

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