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Blog: Articles


4D Thinking

In my view thinking is an activity that attempts to visualise (in your mind’s eye) a problem, solution, memory, idea, image, sound or … add whatever you believe to more appropriate: the list is almost endless. It can be factual, fictional, mischievous or reverend. We all do it hundreds of times a day: as part …

Marketing Theory of Exchange

Back in 1975 a chap called Bagozzi introduced the Marketing Theory of Exchange that has become essential to all elements of marketing research and practice. He posited that there were three types of exchange: Restricted, General and Complex. What we are going to now do is see how it relates to social marketing. Or join …

The Problem with Tripadvisor.

Tripadvisor is a great tool for individuals to check out a hotel, restaurant or attraction: unfortunately it is not always right. The problem with Tripadvisor is not all the information about an organisation is right and I don’t mean the comments made by their customers. A wrong location can leave an organisation commercially exposed. You …

Using Twitter at Events

I recently attended an event where the organisers encouraged individuals to use Twitter to interact with themselves and their presenters. Unfortunately these organisers did not understand how they could maximise the potential of this opportunity. I would now like to share with you some of my thoughts on what you must consider when preparing for …

What is a Prankvert?

“What is a prankvert”? This is an interesting question because in the world of advertising it creates an opportunity to engage with markets across the world. It is particularly relevant today because the social media channels are a great way to host these campaigns. Or join my community:

Diabetes Week 2013

This year Diabetes Week (UK) will run from Sunday 9th June till Saturday 15th June. The event(s) are coordinated by Diabetes UK and the main theme is Research. They will be looking at the whole arena of research into diabetes:  giving you an insight into how they are working to improve the lives of people …

Editing URL Shorteners

This blog is about editing URL shorteners. I recently found myself facing a particular dilemma that I would like to share with you. It relates to the development of a short URL. The issue stems from a survey that I had designed: the idea was to use links from digital and traditional platforms to get people …

Innovation Futures

I have just started on a project with Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) focusing Innovation Futures. This is an initiative aimed at supporting companies in the Yorkshire region to innovate and develop their services, products and processes using a variety of innovative techniques. Or join my community:

Digital Trends 2013

This article illustrates the statistics from some of the major social media platforms for the beginning 2013. It updates the article (infographic) I produces last year: this time you can either view a youtube video or use an interactive prezi presentation. Or join my community:

Or join my community:

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