Blog: Research

Blog: Research

The Social Marketing Dilemma

What boundaries and limitations should social marketers set when developing marketing strategies? This is a question I am often asked and until recently my response would have been based on developing some form of educational campaign for the general public. I have since read an article by Walter Wymer (2011) which paints a different perspective, but …

The Storytelling Process

This is the final article related to storytelling in the commercial environment (See article 1 and article 2).  Previously we illustrated how stories could be used to promote corporate reputation or simply enhance the process of business communications. It is also worth noting that the greatest brands are all great stories, they are based on …

Using Storytelling to Build Reputation.

  Once upon a time….. a phrase that conjures up mixed emotions from our childhood and embodies the concept of storytelling. Stories have the power to transport individuals to a different plane, taking on a higher power and giving a greater degree of meaning (Baker and Boyle). More importantly, they can be told time and …

Strategic Planning.

Before a strategy can be developed some form of strategic direction or vision is required. This sets the scene and is the basis of all future decisions. Such a direction or vision is hierarchical. It requires commitment from the top and ultimately drives the detail tasks

Creating a Market Orientated Culture.

` The route to a Market Orientated Culture. Defining a market-orientated culture. What exactly is a market-orientated culture? [Harris & Ogbonna|Harris, LC and Ogbonna, E (2001) Leadership style and market orientation: an emperical study. European Journal of Marketing, Vol 35, No 5/6, pp744-764]  have indicated that it has many labels: 1. Customer orientated. 2. Integrated marketing. 3. Market orientated …

Social media and the pharmaceutical industry.

Over the last few years social media has generated a great deal of interest, but do businesses really know what to do with it. It takes many forms, some of the popular brands include, Youtube, Wikipedia, Facebook and Twitter. Basically, individuals utilise digital technology to share content, insights or discuss opinions. The whole process is totally interactive.

Back in 2007 the Forrester Group predicted that the adoption of online media would begin immediately. They have since adjusted their predictions citing the recession as the reason for the delay. Yet in the same report they state that marketers will move to interactive tools during periods of poor economic conditions because they are less expensive!

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