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The Role of Social Media in the B2B Environment

The role of social media in the B2B environment is a piece of research that colleagues and I, from Northumbria University, completed for the Marketing Trust. Social media is transforming the way in which consumers […]

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The Suitability Of SROI To Assess Social Marketing Campaigns.

This is a summary of the paper I presented at the ISM-Open Conference 2014 yesterday. It builds on my previous post, ‘How To Use Social Return On Investment (SROI) To Measure Marketing Effectiveness‘. Purpose: The objective of […]

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The Social Marketing Dilemma

What boundaries and limitations should social marketers set when developing marketing strategies? This is a question I am often asked and until recently my response would have been based on developing some form of educational […]

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The Storytelling Process

This is the final article related to storytelling in the commercial environment (See article 1 and article 2).  Previously we illustrated how stories could be used to promote corporate reputation or simply enhance the process […]

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Market Segmentation and the Impact of Online Media

Here is my latest research article which has just been published in the Journal of Medical Marketing. You can read the abstract in this blog but need to log into the journal’s site to get […]

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The potential for companies to story tell.

In general there are two potential opportunities that companies should consider when creating a story: the first is based on the company’s mechanism while the second focuses on  the message goal. But what do these […]

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Using Storytelling to Build Reputation.

  Once upon a time….. a phrase that conjures up mixed emotions from our childhood and embodies the concept of storytelling. Stories have the power to transport individuals to a different plane, taking on a […]

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The benefits of a corporate reputation management process.

This is the final article in the series looking at establishing a corporate reputation management process. It focuses on the benefits that can be gained from such a process and gives the reader some guidance […]

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The Key Forces That Impact On A Company’s Reputation.

This is the second in a series of articles focusing on reputation. The first article looked at the importance of introducing a management reputation process, we will now look at the forces that impact on […]

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Why Introduce A Corporate Reputation Management Process.

On the 3rd December 1984 the world’s worst industrial accidents happened. A gas and chemical leak at Union Carbide’s Bhopal site killed an estimated 20,000 people and left a further 100,000 to 200,000 permanently injured. […]

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Strategic Planning.

Before a strategy can be developed some form of strategic direction or vision is required. This sets the scene and is the basis of all future decisions. Such a direction or vision is hierarchical. It requires commitment from the top and ultimately drives the detail tasks

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Creating a Market Orientated Culture.

` The route to a Market Orientated Culture. Defining a market-orientated culture. What exactly is a market-orientated culture? [Harris & Ogbonna|Harris, LC and Ogbonna, E (2001) Leadership style and market orientation: an emperical study. European […]

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