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The power and influence within businesses.

Background. There have been many articles written relating to the impact of power and influence within an organizational.  It was Handy (1993) however, who categorized the styles of leadership in what he called “The Gods […]

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Social media and the pharmaceutical industry.

Over the last few years social media has generated a great deal of interest, but do businesses really know what to do with it. It takes many forms, some of the popular brands include, Youtube, Wikipedia, Facebook and Twitter. Basically, individuals utilise digital technology to share content, insights or discuss opinions. The whole process is totally interactive.

Back in 2007 the Forrester Group predicted that the adoption of online media would begin immediately. They have since adjusted their predictions citing the recession as the reason for the delay. Yet in the same report they state that marketers will move to interactive tools during periods of poor economic conditions because they are less expensive!

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