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Blue Monday

 Today is meant to be the most depressing day of the year. As a tribute to this third Monday in January I would like to post a series of photographs that I took at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The series is based on the work of Jaume Plensa. Or join my community:

Videos and the World of Marketing

I can still remember the days when documents were sent down to the typing pool to be completed. Those days are long gone because the advent of the computer  changed business administration forever.  Interestingly, in those long gone days typing was seen as a skill and the young executive, manager or business administrator would delegate …

The Storytelling Process

This is the final article related to storytelling in the commercial environment (See article 1 and article 2).  Previously we illustrated how stories could be used to promote corporate reputation or simply enhance the process of business communications. It is also worth noting that the greatest brands are all great stories, they are based on …

Using Storytelling to Build Reputation.

  Once upon a time….. a phrase that conjures up mixed emotions from our childhood and embodies the concept of storytelling. Stories have the power to transport individuals to a different plane, taking on a higher power and giving a greater degree of meaning (Baker and Boyle). More importantly, they can be told time and …

Self Management

There is an estimated 15.4 million people in England living with a longstanding illness. Obesity is a major concern with Britain topping the tables as the most obese nation in Europe.  Drug and alcohol abuse is rising while smoking causes 80,000 deaths every year. These issues are a major financial burden to the nation. Getting …

Strategic Planning.

Before a strategy can be developed some form of strategic direction or vision is required. This sets the scene and is the basis of all future decisions. Such a direction or vision is hierarchical. It requires commitment from the top and ultimately drives the detail tasks

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