Blog: Videos

Blog: Videos

Reference Management Software

Reference management software is an important tool for any researcher to have in his or her armoury (it is also known as citation management software). There are many platforms available, some of which are free. You are more than likely to adopt the one in which your University or research establishment is affiliated with because …

A Review of Adobe Voice

This blog is a review of Adobe Voice, an app that lets you create web-based videos. The beauty of Adobe Voice is that it is so simple to use: you don’t need expensive soft or hardware, all that is required is the app and an iPad (it is not available for Android devises at the …

Understanding Social Marketing

This is a lecture I recently gave on understanding social marketing. The first point I need to make is that this not social media marketing but social cause marketing.  It starts with a definition of the subject. It then tests your knowledge by asking a question about social marketing.  There is a bit about the …

What is a Prankvert?

“What is a prankvert”? This is an interesting question because in the world of advertising it creates an opportunity to engage with markets across the world. It is particularly relevant today because the social media channels are a great way to host these campaigns. Or join my community:

The Impact of Change to Businesses

People generally hate change. A change to one’s daily routine can cause a level of anxiety. The level and length of this anxiety depends on the change being experience and the individual involved. The impact of change is similar whether it is involves an individual’s business or personal life. Or join my community:

Or join my community:

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