The Changing Digital Landscape


The growth of digital marketing has been phenomenal. It has been stated that at today’s rate, we will never experience a hundred years of progress in the twenty first century, it is likely to be 20,000 years! IBM researchers have already unveiled a new generation of experimental computer chips designed to emulate the brain’s abilities for perception, action and cognition.

This infographic illustrates the changes that have taken place in the digital arena. You will find references at the end.



1. Mobile and Mobile broadband subscriptions:
2. SMS / Text messaging statistics:
3. Twitter statistics:
4. Youtube statistics:
5. Linkedin statistics:
6. Facebook statistics:
7. 50 million users:
8. Internet statistics:
9. E-commerce statistics:

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Dr Alan Shaw is a Senior Lecturer and Marketing consultant focusing on a range of sectors. His main interests are in strategy development, social marketing, digital marketing, advertising, consumer behaviour and marketing application.
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