Understanding Social Marketing

Understanding Social MarketingThis is a lecture I recently gave on understanding social marketing. The first point I need to make is that this not social media marketing but social cause marketing.  It starts with a definition of the subject. It then tests your knowledge by asking a question about social marketing.  There is a bit about the history, the categories and types of social marketing, but the bulk of the lecture focuses on the social marketing benchmark criteria and how it should be used.

The videos are broken into three parts:

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image


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If you are still struggling with the Marketing Theory of Exchange please look at this article: Marketing Theory of Exchange.

Here is the interactive presentation:

Click on the center to start the presentation.


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Dr Alan Shaw is a Senior Lecturer and Marketing consultant focusing on a range of sectors. His main interests are in strategy development, social marketing, digital marketing, advertising, consumer behaviour and marketing application.